Valuation Process

If you have put everything into your business and you know how much you have made throughout the years you still need to know what your business is worth.

Business Owner or Advisor (Client) contacts BizScore requesting information on how we value a practice or business.
We answer all questions, determine which business evaluation product will best meet the client’s requirements, and then we Email or fax our services agreement, client questionnaire, and a list of required supporting documentation we need.
The client completes and signs all forms, compiles all necessary financial/supporting documentation, and mails the packet, along with payment, to BizScore.
We review the packet for completeness and begin further phone or Email dialog with the Client to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.
Our administrative staff organizes your data and submits your information to our Analyst for Valuation and final preparation of documentation report.

Valuation Analyst presents draft copy of final report to the Supervising Valuation Manager for review and sign-off.
Once final report has been reviewed and accepted by our Supervisor, our administrative team will package the BizScore Valuation bound report and mail to our client along with a loose leaf report that can be easily copied.

Our BizScore Valuation team are experts at assessing businesses and practices and have performed valuations for almost every industry out there. We work with companies of all sizes and we tailor our expertise to the task and time line.  In fact, due to the great range of reasons for getting a business appraised, we know that the methods behind one type of valuation are not necessarily right for another.   You are invited to call BizScore today and speak with one of our professionals.

BizScore sets the standards in Business and Practice Valuations.

We look at several indicators when valuing your practice or business, however; these are three solid indicators:

By comparison to sales of similar practice/business
Based on the practice/business earning power
Based on the business assets